Best logo designs 2009

Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favourite 2009 logos and brand marks – the ones that make me smile!

In no particular order… just added as I see them. Here’s a great list of top logo designs and corporate identity, a great inspiration for creators of brands – on client side and for designers.


The Royal Parks: a neat combination of royal symbolism and the leaves you’d expect in the park.


Microsoft’s digital advertising awards: by Johnson Banks


FedEx logo: You’ll only think it’s clever if you can see the arrow between the E and the X. Nice.


V&A Museum, London: proves that a simple twist in the typography can work wonders


Habitat Home Furnishings Store: clever twist on ‘home is where the heart is’.


Shelter: the housing and homeless charity’s logo


Mother & Child logo: designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase in 1965


UPS: Original Branding by Paul Rand – a lovely shield motif with a cleverly hidden gift-wrapped parcel. And lower right, the dreadful new version born through the whims of the marketing department; all shiny and new, but lacking the personality of the 1960’s version which will always stand the test of time.


Formula One’s F1 logo: not the most beautiful logo in the world, but a nice link for the F and the 1.


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One response to “Best logo designs 2009

  1. Mrs H

    FedEx: You’ll only think it’s clever if you can see the arrow between the E and the X.
    I didn’t …thus totally pointless n’est pas?

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