Photo of Butlins Bognor Regis from the beach at Felpham

Another view of Butlins

Low tide at Felpham I sail at Felpham from time to time. One of the features of sailing this section of coast is the huge variation between high and low tides. At high water the beach is a steep shingle drop into the sea. After […]

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The view from Bepton Down towards Midhurst

Rother Valley

Fog in the valley I was working from home on the 28th December. Fog from the word go, it lingered all day – just a constant grey gloom. I live at the foot of The South Downs so I wrapped up warm and headed up […]

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Trees in the mist

Trees in the rain

If you’re viewing this photo in June or July then please try to remember just how miserable December can be. This may look like a wonderful ‘trees in the mist’ photo but it isn’t. This is a photograph of ‘trees in the rain’. Freezing, December rain. […]

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Silver birch

Photographing Silver Birch

I’ve been trying to get some shots of Silver Birch for a while now. You tend to think of birch as nice, silvery trees, standing straight and tall in nice neat rows. You’ve probably seen them in ‘Visit Canada’ brochures. Or outside Tate Modern or […]

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Oak Tree

The centre ground

And right of centre, but leaning slightly to the left… In these uncertain pre-Brexit times (this post is dated 21 November 2018 so if you’re reading this at a later date any irony may be lost!), I was amused by a pair of oak trees, one […]

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Bolonia Beach Tarifa Sand Dune

Bolonia Dunas

(Dunas – that’s Spanish for Dune) Now here’s an odd sight from our recent trip to Spain… This single sand dune at Bolonia Beach near Tarifa is 600 feet wide and more than 100 feet high. It’s part of a series of Dunas (Spanish for […]

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32 Spanish Posters

Delayed in Spain Last week my easyJet flight from Spain to the UK was delayed by 32 hours. I won’t trouble you with the details, but here are 32 examples of Spanish poster design to compensate for the 32 hours lost to the departure lounge… […]

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Trees in the mist Sussex

Down to the woods today

Clearing at Severals Woods I went down to the woods this morning on the way to work. And what a surprise. There’s a clearing deep in the woods where the the sun reaches the forest floor. Bracken has taken advantage of the light, and there’s a […]

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Tarifa Beach Kite Boarding and Kitesurfing in Spain

Kite surfing at Tarifa beach

Kite boarding at Playa de los Lances If you don’t know the beaches to the west of Tarifa let me explain. Known as Playa de Los Lances it’s a Mecca for kiteboarders and windsurfers, drawing surf dudes and dudettes from all over the world to […]

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View of Morocco from Spain across the Straits

Infinity pool

Looking at Morocco from Spain The view from our infinity pool in the hills above Tarifa looking out to Morocco… that’s Tangiers port to the right and in the very far distance you can just make out the Atlas Mountains. What a heavenly view! The […]

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Lomo Cosmic 35 Camera

LOMO Cosmic 35

My first proper camera… Before anyone says ‘goodness Simon I hadn’t realised you were so old!’ I’d just like to point out that my Cosmic 35 was already an outdated camera by the time I owned one! I had mine when I was about 9 or […]

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