Jetty Petersfield Lake Hampshire

The boating lake at Petersfield

Petersfield Lake at dawn

I stopped off at Petersfield Lake on the way to work this week to grab a photo I’ve been planning to take for a while.

The toughest part of getting this image was finding a 30 second slot that didn’t have any ducks or geese swimming about in the foreground or walking up and down the jetty! And plenty of work in Photoshop afterwards to remove vast piles of goose poo from the boardwalk 🙂

The photo below is original image as it was taken. You’ll see I’ve had to remove some of the lens distortion from the picture but the greatest amount of work in Photoshop has been tidying up the boardwalk to remove all of the goose poo and splodges! The colour cast has also been improved.

Petersfield Hamphire Lake Photo before Photoshop retouching

Thanks for viewing.

Nikon d7100 on the tripod for 30 seconds at f11, ISO 100 with my lovely 10–24mm Nikkor lens at 10mm.

This photo is also on Flickr and 500px.

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