Customer data

Data trends for 2018. What do the experts predict?

Customer data will be a big deal for Digital Marketing in 2018.

Customer data and behavioural analysis have traditionally been the preserve of big organisations. Retailers have long understood and tracked your purchasing and browsing habits on their websites and in their stores – but this year will see SMEs getting to grips with leveraging customer data to drive up spend and increase brand loyalty.

In this article from Econsultancy they discuss some hot topics for 2018:

  • Analytics will be easier to use and interpret than ever before. The focus will be on making it easier for people to access data and take action in less time.
  • Look out for Data Studio from Google which will improve views from Google Analytics.
  • Predictive and behavioural analysis will allow marketing teams to drive outbound comms to the customers – delivering relevant and personalised content based on a contact’s interaction with a brand.
  • Deploying the right marketing tools and automation will streamline processes and making budgets stretch further.
  • GDPR will keep marketing teams on their toes in the first half of the year.
  • Customer experience should be right at the top of your to-do list – it’s not just about pumping out content and offers, the smart marketers will be delivering personalised and relevant content to their contacts.
  • And finally, SMEs will be leveraging greater insights and understanding from their Analytics to drive success and meet their marketing objectives.

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