Digital Marketing Facts and Statistics

The best digital marketing stats that you should have read last week

I do like these blog posts from Econsultancy

In their latest article they discuss what’s hot in Digital Marketing for the week. Two things in particular caught my eye:

Firstly some changes to SEO that are worth noting. They report that the top 10 influencers on search rankings with Google are:

  1. Domain-level link authority
  2. Page-level keyword and content
  3. Dwell time
  4. Mobile friendliness
  5. Quantity of searches for your keywords + brand name/URL
  6. Page load speed
  7. Mobile optimised content
  8. Click-through rate from Google search pages to your site
  9. Page content
  10. Page supports HTTPS

The other is the anticipated rise in the use of QR codes. We’ve deployed them many times over the years and have sometimes doubted their value. But with QR code readers now being shipped as standard on iOS devices, the use of QR codes is set to go up. I’m looking forward to seeing how this prediction unfolds, I’m a fan of QR codes though I did see one on the side of a lorry recently which I thought was a bad idea!

Have a great week.