32 Spanish Posters

Spanish Poster Design

Delayed in Spain

Last week my easyJet flight from Spain to the UK was delayed by 32 hours. I won’t trouble you with the details, but here are 32 examples of Spanish poster design to compensate for the 32 hours lost to the departure lounge…

I have to admit, this time last week I don’t know very much about Spanish graphic design. For sure the Spanish have some considerable flair when it comes to architecture (take for example the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia) so you’d have to assume that the Spanish know a thing or two about typography, layout and style. Right? Well let’s see.

Traditional bull fighting posters from Spain

Traditional bull fighting posters The first thing that came up when researching Spanish posters was the troubling subject of matadors, toreadors and killing bulls. Even more troubling because as a child, I was bought one of these posters in Torremolinos with my name printed on it! They all follow the same format of a bull fighter looking down over his shoulder at a poor creature with crimson blood pouring from its shoulder. Ghastly subject and a formulaic style of delivery.

20th Century Spanish Travel Poster Design

The four travel posters above seem appropriate given my delay in Spain thanks to the ineptitude of easyJet. Did I mention they delayed our departure by 32 hours? How about these glamorous posters of a by-gone age of romantic travel… A far cry from the misery of cheap flights airlines and poor customer service.

Spanish Grand rix Posters 1969 and 1970

Spanish car hire? Don’t get me started. But how about these wonderful motor racing posters from 1969 and 1970. I’m not sure they could be described as stylish or even very pretty – but they’re very much of their time. Even if they’re rubbish.

Many of the posters I found are aimed at overseas visitors to Spain. These two examples are for the Vuelta Ciclista and the beaches at Bilbao. I particularly like the one on the right for its artistic flair.

These 1960s posters are very cool. The top two are everything I love and hate about 60s graphic design and yet very stylish at the same time.

As you’d expect The Spanish Civil War has a place in this hall of fame for Spanish graphic design. I’m no expert in the politics of the time but there’s plenty to look at in these two posters when you consider what happened immediately afterwards in Nazi Germany.

Bulls and bullfighting are close to Spaniards’ hearts so I just had to throw these four posters into the mix for the sheer pleasure they bring to me! I love them.

I selected the four posters above for their artistic merit of bold colours and scissor cut type. The last two are film posters for Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. The one on the right draws influences from Saul Bass but that’s about it!

I thought it would be nice to throw a few 60s and 70s designs into the mix and I’m pleased with these examples. They’re nice, which is more than can be said for the service we had from easyJet when they cancelled our flight. I know I wasn’t going to mention it but we were literally abandoned by easyJet…. Terrible customer service.

My last two posters are contemporary. The one on the left has an illustration that could only have come from Spain (I love the prawn and the A coming out of the mouth) but it works! And the example on the right, well it’s blatant use of Clarendon but the colours are great though if I was colourblind I’m not sure it would work so well.

Thank you easyJet for inspiring me to look at Spanish design. Lesson learnt about easyJet that you’ve probably heard from other people but never quite believed could be true… Poor customer service when the sh** hits the fan.

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