Trees in the mist

Trees in the rain

If you’re viewing this photo in June or July then please try to remember just how miserable December can be. This may look like a wonderful ‘trees in the mist’ photo but it isn’t. This is a photograph of ‘trees in the rain’. Freezing, December rain.

I cannot remember a day during December 2018 when it wasn’t raining. Day after day of relentless rain and cold, when it was still dark at 10 in the morning, and dark again at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Proper bleak. Bleak, bleak and bleak again. Urgh.

Roll back a few hours before this photo and it’s a typical Saturday morning in our house. I woke my teenage boys at 8 o’clock. It was dark. And as teenagers do, they questioned the wisdom at being woken up in the middle of the night. I took my younger one to play under 13s football at what I can only describe as the most miserable football pitch in the Hampshire League, at a school in Camberley at the bottom of a motorway embankment. What an absolutely dreadful spot. It was raining sideways and the air temperature was 2°C. The pitch temperature was even lower and could best be described as permafrost. Bloody grim.

​To compensate for the grimness of watching Under 13s football all morning I took the long way home and stopped at the top of Goodwood where the trees grow tall and slender. More teenage moaning. More sideways rain. But a great shot of some trees to make up for it.

I’ve got a little website where I’m posting some of my photos – if you get a moment please take a look here. Thanks.

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