Photo of Butlins Bognor Regis from the beach at Felpham

Another view of Butlins

Low tide at Felpham

I sail at Felpham from time to time. One of the features of sailing this section of coast is the huge variation between high and low tides. At high water the beach is a steep shingle drop into the sea. After the tide turns, the sandy seabed is exposed and stretches for hundreds of yards of flat, open expanse with large pools and smooth chalky rocks.

I quite like Felpham. The town is restrained and neat and tidy, a quiet place to stroll on a Sunday afternoon in the winter sunshine. There’s a prom, a café and regular 1930s housing – and that’s about it for Felpham. Next door neighbour Bognor Regis can keep its noisy nightclubs, arcades and bars. I’ll have Felpham every time thank you.

Here’s a photo of Felpham beach taken in January 2019. The sky was clear, the tide was low and the sun was sinking fast. In the distance you can see the familiar profile of Butlins holiday camp. Photos of Butlins don’t get much better than this…

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