Bracklesham Three

Horse riding Bracklesham Bay Sussex beach

Horse riding on a winter beach, Sussex

Cold, grey, thin light and bleak. That just about sums up the scene on a January afternoon back in 2017. Nothing very much to see and then out of the mist come three horses trotting along the beach on the shoreline. I knew there was a photo in there but it was going to be difficult because the picture needed to capture the landscape and the weather, and not just the horse-riders.

I rolled off a few photos as they came towards me, and then some more as they rode past. Nice photos, but nothing special. Nothing special until they were disappearing into the distance – that was the moment in time when the horses became part of the landscape. That was the point when everything came together.

Lots of work in Photoshop to make this composition complete, but the end result is one of my favourites.

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