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Petersfield Boating Lake Hampshire

Petersfield Boating Lake

Petersfield boating lake at daybreak. Ducks and geese everywhere and all they wanted to do was photo bomb the picture that I’d just spent 20 minutes lining up! A 30 second exposure on my Nikon d7100. Rolling along at ISO 100, ƒ/22.0  at 30th second. This photo made Flickr Explore. It’s also on 500px. Thanks for looking.

Billing Hill near Yeadon Yorkshire

The Billing near Yeadon, Yorkshire

Reet parky. Christmas snow at Yeadon. The weather was ‘reet parky’ but lovely to be with family at this time of the year. Nikon D7100, 10-24mm ƒ/18 1/40 sec at ISO 100. See Flickr and 500px.

Jetty Petersfield Lake Hampshire

The boating lake at Petersfield

Petersfield Lake at dawn I stopped off at Petersfield Lake on the way to work this week to grab a photo I’ve been planning to take for a while. The toughest part of getting this image was finding a 30 second slot that didn’t have any ducks or geese swimming about in the foreground or […]

Brighton West Pier

The remains of Brighton West Pier

There was an eerie light over Brighton beach at dawn this morning. Just five minutes after I took this photo the heavens opened with a torrential storm complete with thunder and lightning! The photo shows the remains of Brighton’s West Pier at first light on a cold December morning. West Pier was originally opened in […]

Brighton Seafront Bandstand

Brighton Seafront Bandstand at night

Brighton Rocks at Night Here’s a photo of Brighton’s famous seafront bandstand, on Kingsway drive near to the remains of Brighton’s West Pier. Designed and built by Phillip Lockwood in 1884, the ornate structure is considered to be one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian bandstand. The bandstand is available for private hire […]

Farnborough Christmas Tree Portable Airship Hanger

Farnborough Business Park Christmas Tree

Happy Christmas from Farnborough A simple christmas tree in the Portable Airship Hangar at Farnborough’s IQ Business Park. The structure above the Christmas tree is a First World War airship hangar built in 1912. Now standing near Farnborough Airport, the steel structure is 250ft long and 70ft wide. It was originally a portable structure – […]

Coldest day 2012

Tree Frost from Freezing Fog

The coldest day in 2012! Here’s a photo I took on my way to work near Milford in Surrey. Last night’s weather was curious. Sub-zero temperatures and lots of moisture in the air led to freezing fog (yes I was listening to Mr Webb in Class 4.6 all those years ago) which is why the […]