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Petersfield Boating Lake Hampshire

Petersfield Boating Lake

Petersfield boating lake at daybreak. Ducks and geese everywhere and all they wanted to do was photo bomb the picture that I’d just spent 20 minutes lining up! A 30 second exposure on my Nikon d7100. Rolling along at ISO 100, ƒ/22.0  at 30th second. This photo made Flickr Explore. It’s also on 500px. Thanks for looking.

Southsea Beach Solent World War II Defences

Southsea Submarine Defences

Low tide at Southsea Beach Low tide at Southsea Beach in Hampshire and the old sea defences that lead out into the sea are exposed. These huge blocks of concrete were dropped into the sea during World War II to deter German U-Boat attacks against ships at Portsmouth Harbour. Have to say it was a […]

Jetty Petersfield Lake Hampshire

The boating lake at Petersfield

Petersfield Lake at dawn I stopped off at Petersfield Lake on the way to work this week to grab a photo I’ve been planning to take for a while. The toughest part of getting this image was finding a 30 second slot that didn’t have any ducks or geese swimming about in the foreground or […]

Itchen Bridge Hampshire

The Itchen Bridge, Southampton

Under Itchen Bridge Stopped on the way back from Ikea to admire the underneath of The Itchen Bridge. Needs a few tea lights to brighten it up, I wish I’d thought about this while I was at the shops! Taking the photo had a few challenges. Firstly, it was raining which is why the photo […]

Farnborough Christmas Tree Portable Airship Hanger

Farnborough Business Park Christmas Tree

Happy Christmas from Farnborough A simple christmas tree in the Portable Airship Hangar at Farnborough’s IQ Business Park. The structure above the Christmas tree is a First World War airship hangar built in 1912. Now standing near Farnborough Airport, the steel structure is 250ft long and 70ft wide. It was originally a portable structure – […]

Horse Sand Fort Portsmouth

Horse Sand Fort in the Solent

Castle in the sea Horse Sand Fort is one of four “Palmerston’s Follies” Sea Forts off Portsmouth Harbour. The four forts are Horse Sand, No Man’s Land, St Helen’s and Spitbank Fort. The Forts were built during the 1860s to protect Portsmouth and the naval dockyards from invasion by the French and Napoleon. The forts were […]

Field of Barley Winchester Hampshire

Field of Barley and Storm Clouds near Winchester Hampshire UK

Storm clouds rolling in A gloomy Hampshire sky, full of thunder and rain clouds. If you like this photo, try clicking on this link: flic.kr/p/6FdxBT – it’s the same field photographed two years earlier but with a crop of wheat rather than barley… Canon EOS 450D, ƒ/9.0 18mm lens at 1/200 sec, ISO 200. See this photo […]