Above the clouds

The South Downs in the mist

The South Downs from Heyshott Down Here's the view from Heyshott Down first thing this morning - looking across the Cocking Gap (seriously I didn't make that up!) towards Bepton. The buildings in the foreground are Horley Farm on Bell Lane and my house is somewhere behind this in the gloom! Glorious August sunshine on… Continue reading Above the clouds

Tree Frost from Freezing Fog

Coldest day 2012

The coldest day in 2012! Here's a photo I took on my way to work near Milford in Surrey. Last night's weather was curious. Sub-zero temperatures and lots of moisture in the air led to freezing fog (yes I was listening to Mr Webb in Class 4.6 all those years ago) which is why the… Continue reading Tree Frost from Freezing Fog