Trees in the mist

Beech woodland in West Sussex

Sussex Beeches Last week I took an early morning ride along The South Downs Way and then to the oil fields in Singleton forest. If you didn't know where to look you'd never know that this area is one of the UK's leading onshore oil wells. Mind you, there's not a lot to see! On… Continue reading Trees in the mist

Early morning at Stockbridge Pond near Tilford, Surrey

Stockbridge Pond Tilford Elstead Surrey

Start of the day at the lake I stopped off this morning on the way to work at Stockbridge Pond, near Tilford in Surrey to catch the mist. Stockbridge Pond is a little fishing pond tucked away in the woods. The mist was just clearing and it was very still apart from the occasional 'plop'… Continue reading Early morning at Stockbridge Pond near Tilford, Surrey