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Stockbridge Pond Tilford Elstead Surrey

Early morning at Stockbridge Pond near Tilford, Surrey

Start of the day at the lake I stopped off this morning on the way to work at Stockbridge Pond, near Tilford in Surrey to catch the mist. Stockbridge Pond is a little fishing pond tucked away in the woods. The mist was just clearing and it was very still apart from the occasional ‘plop’ […]

Coldest day 2012

Tree Frost from Freezing Fog

The coldest day in 2012! Here’s a photo I took on my way to work near Milford in Surrey. Last night’s weather was curious. Sub-zero temperatures and lots of moisture in the air led to freezing fog (yes I was listening to Mr Webb in Class 4.6 all those years ago) which is why the […]

The Hogs Back, Surrey

Rolling Rain beyond The Hogs Back

A quick stop-off in a lay-by on the way home… The A31 runs along the top of the Hogs Back between Farnham and Guildford and the views are great! Today’s summer rain showers and gloomy skies rolling across the Surrey countryside were definitely worth stopping for…

Gibbet Hill near Haslemere Snow

Gibbet Hill in the Snow

Gibbet Hill Deep snow everywhere in Haslemere and across Surrey, so working from home today. Time for a short walk over the common at Gibbet Hill on a snowy January day… Can’t beat a bit of English snow to bring everything to a standstill… but also makes for some wonderful landscapes to photograph.