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The South Downs mist over the Rother Valley

Mist in the valley

An early morning view from Heyshott Down Here’s a photo I grabbed earlier in the week. Never mind the early start, it was definitely worth getting out of bed and cycling to the top of The Downs with my camera on my back! Autumn’s my favourite time of the year and the area around Midhurst in West […]

Outfall at Shoreham by Sea

Dead end at Shoreham

Long exposure on the beach On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk at Shoreham. The beach on Basin Road isn’t much to talk about. Mostly stones and gravel, and directly next to the power station, port and industrial sector of the town. It’s a bit grim – but there were a few families enjoying […]

Poppy field Sussex

A field of Poppies

Lazy Summer Days I was driving along the road from Petworth to Midhurst and was just blown away by the colours in the field from the poppy flowers. Absolutely stunning, and just for a few days too. Check this photo over on Field of Poppies. Thanks for looking.

Brighton West Pier

The remains of Brighton West Pier

There was an eerie light over Brighton beach at dawn this morning. Just five minutes after I took this photo the heavens opened with a torrential storm complete with thunder and lightning! The photo shows the remains of Brighton’s West Pier at first light on a cold December morning. West Pier was originally opened in […]

Brighton Seafront Bandstand

Brighton Seafront Bandstand at night

Brighton Rocks at Night Here’s a photo of Brighton’s famous seafront bandstand, on Kingsway drive near to the remains of Brighton’s West Pier. Designed and built by Phillip Lockwood in 1884, the ornate structure is considered to be one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian bandstand. The bandstand is available for private hire […]

Bognor Regis Pier in Winter

Bognor Regis Pier at Dawn on a November morning copy

Early start at Bognor! Bognor Regis pier at dawn on November morning. The tide was out and even though it was 6 o’clock on a Sunday morning there was plenty happening – fishing boats being launched, dog walkers and joggers – and even folk returning home in their clubbing clothes from Saturday night! The pier […]