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Beech woodland in West Sussex

Trees in the mist

Sussex Beeches Last week I took an early morning ride along The South Downs Way and then to the oil fields in Singleton forest. If you didn’t know where to look you’d never know that this area is one of the UK’s leading onshore oil wells. Mind you, there’s not a lot to see! On […]

The South Downs mist over the Rother Valley

Mist in the valley

An early morning view from Heyshott Down Here’s a photo I grabbed earlier in the week. Never mind the early start, it was definitely worth getting out of bed and cycling to the top of The Downs with my camera on my back! Autumn’s my favourite time of the year and the area around Midhurst in West […]

Grey field on The South Downs

Big grey field

Grey field. Spring evening. During and after the war The South Downs were turned over to arable crops. Huge fields were ploughed out of the chalky ground for cereal production; wheat and barley for food and animal feed, home grown rather than having to rely on imports from abroad. It’s the end of April and at this […]

Spring fields near Petworth West Sussex

Seedlings and fields near Petworth, Sussex

Red and green should never be seen rhyme I took this photo of some fields near Petworth which reminded me of the old phrase ‘red and green should never be seen rhyme’. Turns out the phrase has many origins; possibly British fashion advice, possibly relating back to Irish queens who were the only ladies who should be seen […]

Morning Mist in Midhurst West Sussex

Morning Mist over Midhurst

Misty Midhurst Mornings Morning mist over the Cowdray polo grounds in Midhurst, West Sussex. Shot on a longer lens to flatten the perspective, the mist was disappearing quickly as the sun came up. This photo is on Flickr and 500px. Nikon d7100 with 85mm focal length, ƒ/5.6 at 1/25 second, ISO 160. Thanks for looking!

Gibbet Hill near Haslemere Snow

Photos of the Snow

Snow up on the Downs I wasn’t feeling too good last week when we had all the snow… so I revisited some previous snow pictures from the last few years and put together a little gallery of winter photos! Most of the photos are from my home patch on The South Downs plus a shot from […]

Wheat field on The South Downs

South Downs Wheat Field before a Storm

Storm approaching This field on Cocking Down is one of the last to be harvested this year. Arable crops have been farmed on The South Downs since prehistoric times, but it was only during the Second World War that production increased extensively onto chalk downland. During the 1930s, cheap imports of corn depressed arable farming […]

Morning mist East Harting Sussex from Harting Down

Morning Mist over Harting, West Sussex

The view from Harting Down on The South Downs at 7:00am on a Tuesday morning drive to the office. You’ve got to marvel at English weather and the English countryside sometimes! There are moments when photos just come together – the weather was perfect, some mist and fog near the ground and clear skies above. […]